Daniel Schnapp Discusses Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property from Cybercrime

Daniel Schnapp

June 11, 2021

Daniel Schnapp Discusses Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property from Cybercrime

Daniel Schnapp recently discussed how to protect your company’s intellectual property from cybercrime.


NEW YORK, NY / The number of cyberattacks increased drastically at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most business owners knew that cybercrimes were a serious threat before the pandemic hit, but experts like Daniel Schnapp explain that protecting your company is more important now than ever.


Daniel Schnapp is a trial lawyer specializing in corporate intellectual property, entertainment, privacy, and more. He recently discussed how you could protect your company’s intellectual property from cybercrime.


“The government has long deemed cybercrime a threat to national security,” Daniel Schnapp said. “Cybercrimes can be as small as attacks on personal bank accounts and as large as attacks on entire governments. It’s essential that you protect your company for your well-being as well as the well-being of your employees and customers.”


Schnapp explained it’s alarming how many American businesses have zero policies or systems in place to protect themselves from cyberattacks. This lack of preparedness can lead to countless challenges down the road.


Schnapp stated that one of the most critical steps in protecting your company’s intellectual property is appropriately training your employees. They are some of the essential links in the protection process. Emails are easy gateways to computer systems, so all employees must be trained appropriately on which information can and cannot be shared through email. Employees should all be educated on the severe criminal and civil penalties that can occur due to sharing or accessing unauthorized information.


“A company must first understand which of their information is considered critical and has the highest likelihood of being targeted,” Daniel Schnapp said. “These areas are where resources should be allocated first. Common areas of interest for cyber attackers are proprietary information and patents.”


Schnapp stated that some companies want to hire full-time IT specialists, while others may want to hire an IT consultant to set up systems and help resolve issues if a cyberattack occurs. IT experts can install a complete cybersecurity system to detect threats and areas of vulnerability and protect them from attacks.


“Every company should review its cybersecurity measures often,” Schnapp added. “This is where an IT expert on staff or available on a regular basis can be beneficial. This credentialed professional can review your security systems and ensure all aspects are up-to-date.”


Daniel Schnapp also recommended that being prepared for a cyberattack through educating employees, enlisting the help of an IT expert, and taking other necessary measures, can significantly reduce the costly damage an attack can cause. He suggested speaking with an experienced intellectual property lawyer to learn more about the legal actions you can take in the event of a cyberattack.